HVAC Remediation

The blackened areas that you are noticing on or around your supply vents are more than likely, mold. Unfortunately, mold in the HVAC system is very common and will lead to air quality issues in your home. The air quality issues caused by moldy HVAC units can affect the health of the family and are often confused with simple common allergies, such as, runny nose, burning eyes, skin conditions, respiratory system issues, and headaches. Sometimes more serious conditions, other than allergies, can be attributed to poor air quality associated with mold in your HVAC system, such as, cancers and nervous system issues. Most of the time, allergies are treated with medication, but eliminating the source of the issue would be a much healthier and probably a much less expensive solution than medicating the problem.

The solution to the problem needs to be handled from two directions, structural changes or repairs to the system and sanitization of the mold issues. East-Tex Eco Services has developed a remediation process to properly inspect and then fix the issues. The plan is customized per client so that the issues are handled efficiently and with consideration to cost. Many times, the issues can be fixed inexpensively and quickly by sealing up leaks and cleaning areas that have mold growth. The goal is to kill and remove the mold properly and to fix the structural issues in your HVAC system to maximize its operation so that the mold never returns.

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