House, Building & Roof Washing

Have you ever seen homes that appear faded or have streaks of discoloration? The Caltex System both cleans and revitalizes these faded or stained exterior surfaces. The surface will look bright and clean. This is done without the high cost of replacement.

Most buildings have exteriors consisting of brick, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stone, masonry, or cedar. Up to now, high pressure washing with bleaching agents and acid cleaning were the only method to clean these surfaces. Besides being harmful to the environment, these products actually damage the surface. Vinyl becomes chalky with bleach. High pressure acid cleaning damages the brick by pitting it, and it can burn the brick, turning it to an orange color.

The majority of roofs in the southern states need to be cleaned every few years. Mold, mildew, algae, moss, and lichens grow on these roofs. These contaminants leave black streaks or entire rofs completely covered with dirt and mold. The dark black color also absorbs heat which increases air conditioning bills, and shortens the life span of the roof. Mold and other associated bio-organisms attached to your roof can contaminate the surrounding property and other parts of the structure as well.

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